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iStock_000001171352XSmallFeel free to use this site in any way you want. It is a playground for the mind and spirit. The following are only suggestions.

Learning meditation is a skill, and like all skills, is learned only through practice. You have to do the exercises to get the benefits.

We suggest reading only as much as you need in order to do a few minutes of meditation. Then do it. Take five minutes out and actually do some meditation, following one of the exercises in the site. The site will still be here when you come back!

Listen to the RealAudio files, that will guide you through each stage of the meditation. You can save these to your hard drive and listen to them any time you want

The meditation practices on this site are all in several stages. The Mindfulness of Breathing has four stages, and the Metta Bhavana (Development of Lovingkindness) has five. We suggest learning these practices one at a time and one stage at a time. Each stage is a meditation practice in itself.

We also teach Walking Meditation and have a guide to Mantra Meditation.

Take your time learning the exercises, and come back frequently to explore. You’ll probably have some questions and the site is set up to answer the most common questions that beginning meditators come up with. If you still have questions, then you can e-mail us.

Practice at home. Print out the instructions for each stage and read them just before you try meditating. Even ten minutes of meditation every day will make a big difference to your life.

Where to start?

Whether you are new to meditation or you want to deepen an already existing practice, you can start on our home page with the links to the practices we teach. You can explore from there at your own pace.

We’ll be expanding this site frequently, so soon you’ll be able to explore ways of working with the hindrances, ways of cultivating positive factors in meditation, and ways to help support your practice by “setting up” and finishing elegantly.

If you want to take your practice deeper, we strongly suggest that you consider our online courses, which will allow you to get personal guidance from an experienced teacher.

If you want to be notified of developments on this site, then you can register for our newsletter (you’ll find the subscription form on our home page). We will respect your privacy, and will never sell or pass on your details to anyone else.

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Thank you for so much information, it´s a fantastic web site, with a good structure an practical knowledge. In fact I I downloaded much of it


Thank you for this site. I live in a pretty remote area — the closest place I could even hope to find instruction in meditation is 112 miles away. Finding quality information on the Web is a huge help.


Hi Bugfeeder,

I had people like you in mind when I started putting the site together. It’s a big planet, and not everyone is close to a meditation center. Glad we could help out.

All the best,


Hi Bodhipaksa, Long time no see. Could you put some guided meditations from Breathing Space on your site? In the substance-misuse realm which Paramabandhu and I inhabit there is a growing appreciation of the fundamnental importance of mindfulness towards change (and much empirical evidence too for the scientists). My fantasy would be an online community of people managing their substance misuse issues with mindfulness. Just a passing thought
So how many kids do you have now? I have two, Amy who is nearly 9 and nearly perfect and Emily who is 16 months old and cute, smart and fun beyond belief (also empirical observations!!!)
Love Lokapala


Hey, Lokapala. I almost emailed you last week. Didn’t, for some reason. But I will. Wondered if you wanted to have a login for Wildmind’s blog, so that you could write something whenever you wanted.

Sounds good, what you guys are up to. But what are these “guided meditations from Breathing Space”? Are they online anywhere?

I like the idea of an online community — and people with substance abuse issues could be a component of that. In fact I’ve been thinking about adding a moderated discussion forum to Wildmind ever since we redesigned the site, a little over three years ago.

We have two kids now, Maia, who is 3 1/2, and Malkias, who’s 23 months. Both are doing great, although M-junior has difficulty swallowing and is virtually on a liquid diet. We’re getting him seen to, though. Both are utterly adorable, and very, very smart. I bet no parent has ever thought that about their children before, eh?

All the best,



My name is Raphael Protti and I recently started a grassroots journalism site with a column on Lucid Living. It is written by my friend who has been practicing meditation for over ten years now, and who is developing a meditation regimen through a one year long experiment. Everyday, he medtates for an hour and does yoga for an hour and writes a blog entry at the end of the day. The result is that a layman or anyone with an interest in meditation can follow his progress and gain an understanding of what one can expect from doing this.

It is very well written and must be followed for a bit to understand the profound impact it can have. I invite to take a look at it. If you like it, please link us, or tell a friend! I really believe his stuff needs more exposure and so I am helping him get the word out.

Raphael Protti


I just happened to stumble across this site. After only a few minutes of reading about meditation and depression I feel that some Divine guidance was at work! I do believe I was led here for a reason. I’m very interested in meditation and Buddhism and want to learn more. Also, I’ve been working hard to overcome depression which struck me a few years ago. After various workshops, courses, research on my own, working with my doctor and a therapist I can say I’ve managed to come a long way.
Now, I’m interested in finding some guidance in my spiritual journey. I wonder if Buddhism might be part of my path? What are the first steps I could take to see if Buddhism is right for me? For example, maybe I should visit a temple and speak to someone.
I look forward to using this site to enhance my life and spirituality. Thank you!

Terri Grady


I just came across your site. Great information!
Thank you!


You’re welcome.



I have just begun a e-commerce website where i want to put the mantras and meanings; am i allowed to share the information of this website on my page by quoting the source.

I look forward to your co-operation and support.

best regards,


I don’t at all mind you publishing short “fair use” extracts with a link, but I certainly wouldn’t welcome wholesale copying.

I appreciate your asking, however! That was very considerate of you. And I wish you well with your project.


Dear Bodhipaksa

Many thanks for your generosity in making your many writings so freely available. I am reading Living as a River now. I am especially appreciating your sharing on the Six Element Practice (which I downloaded on MP3). Thank you for your willingness to share your own vulnerability. It inspires my heart to open. I am an aging yogini who is one of the many clinging to form as a way to ward off fear.

Your interpretations of the teachings are helping me to be a little bit more courageous in little ways.




Hi, Catherine.

Thanks very much for writing, and for your kind comments. I wanted to share a few words from the Discourse on the Elements:

“A sage at peace is not born, does not age, does not die, is unagitated, and is free from longing. He has nothing whereby he would be born. Not being born, will he age? Not aging, will he die? Not dying, will he be agitated? Not being agitated, for what will he long?”

The “sage at peace” is the one who has embraced change. It’s a beautiful vision of seeing beyond appearances, where we recognize that in reality none of us is aging, and that aging is an illusion.


I wanted to say that I enjoy the site very much, but I noticed that the ‘next page’ hyperlink does not appear to be working correctly. When you hover over it on any of the menus it does not redirect to the next topic in the menu on the left. Keep up the good work. I’ll be checking in regularly


Hi, Eric.

The “next page” link takes you to the next page in the section you’re in. It’s not a “next section” link. So it’s working as intended. Sorry for the confusion.

All the best,


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