Dying to live: talk by Vidyamala

In this talk, Vidyamala gives a strong account of working with suffering and sorrow in life, and of transforming her experience into one characterized by contentment and a sense of meaning.

From her own practice of living with chronic pain comes a sane and unsentimental perspective that affords us all a measure of genuine optimism as we meet the trials of the world: bereavements and losses of all kinds can be met with a kindness and awareness that gently ease the burden, allowing something of peace to enter our lives again.

Listen to this talk by Vidyamala, courtesy of FreeBuddhistAudio.com.

Please note that there a few introductory phrases missing from the start of this talk. Some small noise artifacts can also be heard occasionally due to a poor original recording.

About Vidyamala

guest writer VidyamalaVidyamala is a co-founder and director of Breathworks, a company offering ‘mindfulness-based strategies for living well’.

She runs courses in Manchester UK for people suffering from chronic pain and illness, teaching them how to optimize quality of life using meditation and other mindfulness-based strategies. She also is involved in running a training program for those wishing to deliver the Breathworks program in other localities.

She suffered a spinal injury in 1976 and has used meditation and mindfulness to manage her own chronic pain for many years.

Vidyamala’s CDs of guided meditations — developed as part of her Breathworks pain management program — are available for sale in our online store.a

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