Working with the Worldly Winds

October 8, 2011

A talk by Vajragupta for Day 2 of Triratna’s International Urban Retreat, in which he illustrates how we can create effective methods for working with the eight Worldly Winds — gain and loss, pleasure and pain, fame and infamy, and praise and blame — that blow about us all the time, and even turn them into spiritual opportunities.

For more information about the Urban Retreat please visit It runs from October 8-15th 2011.

The “Worldly Winds” (video)

October 7, 2011

In this 20-minute talk, prepared for Day 1 of Triratna’s 2011 International Urban Retreat, Vajragupta introduces the eight Worldly Winds.

Known in traditional Buddhism as the Lokadhammas, they are eight ways in which the world can ‘blow us around’ – gain and loss, pleasure and pain, fame and infamy, and praise and blame.

The Urban Retreat runs worldwide from Saturday October 8th – 15th, for more details see Over 50 buddhist centres around the world are taking part, and many more individuals via the internet. All are welcome.

Fully awake, with mindfulness

February 13, 2008

VajraguptaWithout mindfulness we are only half alive. Author and teacher Vajragupta suggests keeping watch on four levels of awareness.

Spiritual life is about transformation: we need to know who we are in order to know what must be transformed. And we need to bear in mind our sense of purpose, our sense of who we want to become. At our least aware, we are bundles of habits, thrown hither and thither by whim, chance or circumstance. The spiritual life involves making creative, conscious, disciplined choices about the kind of person we wish to be. Mindfulness is indispensable to this process.

We can also say with certainty that it takes effort to cultivate mindfulness. There’s so … Read more »