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“Body Wisdom Yoga,” by Dharmapriya

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I know that doing yoga is good for my body, but I find it hard to motivate myself to get along to a class and even harder to practice on my own.

So I’ve recently started to use this yoga practice CD in order to help me develop the discipline to get my body more flexible. It would never have occurred to me that a CD would be so useful for yoga, but when Dharmapriya sent me a copy of his CD I knew I’d found an invaluable tool. Dharmapriya is a yoga teacher from Canada who now lives and teaches in Germany and the surrounding countries.

As I explain in the introduction to the new yoga section on Wildmind, yoga can be a very useful complement to meditation, helping to make the body more subtle, bringing greater mindfulness of the body, and helping to make energy available.

Dharmapriya’s instructions are clear and precise, and I found it surprisingly easy to follow them, particularly when I referred to the photographs included in the booklet that accompanies the CD. Starting with the relatively relaxed and centering Diamond Pose and Child’s Pose, we’re led through leg stretches and a variety of standing poses (Triangle Pose, the Warrior Poses, etc.). Stretches for the arms and trunk are also included, and the CD ends with the relaxing Corpse Pose.

Although the CD is almost an hour long, it’s easy to skip tracks or even, for the more technologically advanced, to program your CD player to do a shorter, more customized routine.

I’ll certainly be using this CD repeatedly to help me restart my yoga practice.

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