“Who Is My Self? : A Guide to Buddhist Meditation,” by Ayya Khema

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Ayya Khema, who died recently, was one of the foremost Western meditation teachers. Her teaching style is accessible while at the same time coming from deep experience of meditation and Buddhist practice. In this groundbreaking book, taken from teachings given on meditation retreats, she gently and skillfully guides readers through the meditative path, showing how to develop calmness and concentration. There aren’t many books on meditation that are likely to become modern classics, but this is one of them.

Ayya Khema wrote twenty-five books in English and German on meditation and the Buddha’s teachings; her books have been translated into seven other languages.

During her extraordinary lifetime she established several Buddhist practice centers around the world, including Wat Buddha Dhamma in Australia, the International Buddhist Women’s Center and Nun’s Island in Sri Lanka, and Buddha-Haus and Metta Vihara in Germany.

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