America’s forgotten Buddhist superhero


If you have never heard of the Green Lama … he was an American pulp magazine hero of the 1940s whose superpower was imparted by, of all things, Buddhism. Om mani padme hum: such is the mantra of billionaire playboy Jethro Dumont (best billionaire playboy superhero name ever) when he wants to magically turn into his crime-fighting alter ego, the Green Lama. With his trusty sidekick Tsarong, Dumont/Lama battles evildoers like Willie the Sleeper and the Mad Magi.

Salon’s article discusses an exhibit on the Green Lama, among other comic book heroes with a Tibet connection, at the Rubin Museum of Art.

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Thanks for featuring this. I had no idea he ever existed. I’m trying to track down the comics. I have found some radio shows at:


That’s a fantastic find, thanks. I think I’ll post these on our site.

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