Introducing “The Power of Mindfulness”

Mindfulness is an incredibly powerful practice that has been shown to have many physical and psychological benefits. How powerful is it?

Amongst many other things mindfulness:

This is quite a remarkable collection of benefits from what is, in essence, quite a simple practice!

In a new four-week online interactive course I’m going to be teaching the skills of living mindfully in a course called, appropriately enough, The Power of Mindfulness.

We’ll spend the first week deepening our mindfulness of the body through the practice of the Body Scan meditation. In the second and third week’s we’ll learn to still the mind through the practice of mindful breathing. And in the final week we’ll take our practice into the world with walking meditation, as well as a host of other ways to turn ordinary activities into vehicles to deepen and enrich our lives.

Every week there are guided meditation MP3s to download, readings to explain the background, and a discussion forum in which you can share the process of learning with fellow students from all over the world. Plus, you get the benefit of personal meditation coaching through an email exchange with me.

If you’re interested in joining me to explore The Power of Mindfulness, click here.

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