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Kids urged to meditate

Children should meditate, not watch TV.

Dance teacher Nicola Baartse has started the stretch and meditate class for children, five and above.

Recent studies found too much television early in life had adverse affects on education and health. “As a mum, I am passionate about having my kids find a way to destress and learn how to be still sometimes without using the TV as a relaxation device,” she said.

“It helps to slow them down and give them a chance to recuperate after a hectic day.”

The class involves mind-body movement meditation. “We structure the movement with things the children are familiar with like animals and places they’ve been,” Ms Baartse said.

The dance teacher, who runs Oasis Movement Academy, said there was a gap in the market for children’s meditation. “Having a concept of the body, mind and spirit as one entity is very important,” she said.

“It influences your…

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conversations when you’re older.

“I’ve noticed that children be better focused and in the long term, they have an ability to listen to themselves.”


Classes are on Thursdays, 3.20pm (aged five to eight) and 4pm (aged nine to 13).

Classes for teenagers and adults will start in July.

At the Annandale Creative Arts Centre, 81 Johnston St, Annandale.

For information call Ms Baartse on 0402 299 592, email oasisdancing@gmail.com or visit oasisacademy.com.au.

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