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Meditation, the Buddhist way, attracts many

Sandeep Survade, a student at the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics found it difficult to manage his outbursts and his temper ended up driving people away from him. This was five years ago. But now after practicing meditation, the Buddhist way, he has been able to keep the negative energy at bay and focus better at studies.

“A lot of people from all walks of life come to us as the fundamentals of Buddhist teachings are beyond caste and creed and focus on human beings. The Buddha said that meditation was important to keep the mind calm and lead a good, disciplined life. In today’s times of excessive stress this is relevant, ” said Trustee of Jambudvipa Trust, Yerawada, Dhammachari Maitreynath.

The trust engages in communicating Buddhist teachings and mediation discourses along with encouraging members to be involved in social work.

Anil Tulse who works at the Trust said, “Classes are conducted in English and Marathi with discourses on anapan sati that is assimilating energies by breathing techniques and metta bhavana that is loving-kindness meditation.”

Kshama Rahirkar who works in software development discovered Buddhist mediation many years ago and since then does not remember being depressed or bored. “I became more aware of myself and have been consistently positive in my outlook. I believe that spiritual practice is essential. At work too I was less affected by the environment and my communication became more effective,” she said.

“Buddhism is scientific and should be used as a tool. But there are people who are increasingly marketing Buddhism as something glamorous today,” rues Dhammachari Maitreynath.


Founded in 1998 by Dhammachari Lokamitra, an British national who took to the Buddhist way of life, the Jambudvipa Trust, has seen many people benefit from the positive effect of meditation. The Trust is a principal part of the wider Friends of the Western Buddhist Order family.

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