Meet Wildmind’s iPhone app!

mzl.gcljpckd.320x480-75Wildmind’s first iPhone app is now available for download from iTunes. And it’s FREE!

This is our first attempt at an app, and it’s very simple.

It simply takes the blog and presents the most recent posts from the news, on practice, reviews, and quote of the month categories.

So it’s simple, but it’s a nice way to read the blog.

And I like to think it looks nice, although I did the graphic design, so I’m biased.

The app was put together for us by Tony Paine, who is a software engineer in the Bay Area, and also a Buddhist who used to be part of the sangha at Aryaloka, my local Dharma center, until he went out west.

Incredibly, Tony did the app development at no charge, and taught himself how to code iPhone apps just so that he could help us out.

There’s an FAQ page for the app here, if you want more information beyond what you’ll learn in iTunes.

We hope that version 2.0 will have additional features:

  • Forward articles by email, or to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.
  • Favorite articles and save them to a list.
  • Download MP3 files and play them on a built-in media player.
  • View natively on the iPad rather than as an enlarged iPhone app

We’re also hoping to have an Android version at some point.

So, please download our app to your iPhone (it’ll work on an iPad, but you have to enlarge it by hitting the x2 button) and please give us a rating! Obviously I’d be happiest if you gave it a five star rating, but please be honest. And please give us feedback and feature requests through the App Support page.

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