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help support Wildmind's workHere’s what I’m planning. I want to create more, and specifically I want to record two meditation audio programs this year. To do this I need to take a couple of months off from teaching my online courses, which creates a bit of a financial problem for Wildmind because we’ll be earning less and because we live on the edge (and not always on the right side of the edge!)

So, I’m asking for donations. And anyone who makes a one time-donation of $15 or more, or who sets up a recurring donation of any amount will receive a free download of the first of these programs, which will be based on my online course, The Power of Mindfulness, and which will be roughly two and a half hours long.

If you already have a recurring donation set up you’re already included, and will receive a download link later this spring. You are highly valued benefactors, and I want to give back to you.

You can contribute by using either of the buttons below. Thank you!

This first button allows you to make a recurring contribution.

Everyone who makes a recurring contribution will receive a copy of my next audio program. You can select various values from the drop-down list.

This second button (below) allows you to become a one-time benefactor with a single donation of any amount.

If you make a donation of $15 or more we’ll send you a download of the audio program once it’s been recorded and edited.

All donations are made securely through Paypal.

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