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The Buddha of Suburbia: But shaped hedge sparks a religious hate campaign by villagers

It took them 30 years to create a garden of Zen-like calm.

But the peace has been shattered for Raymond and Sacha Hubbard after they had one of their bushes trimmed – into the shape of a Buddha.

An anonymous detractor has written to the couple warning them their enlightened topiary will bring a curse upon their Grade II listed home.

The letter, which arrived by second class post, read: ‘It is with sorrow that we saw you cutting and shaping your bushes into a Buddha. Are you not aware that having such an idol of worship will bring a curse upon you? Keep the thing and you have the spirit that goes with you.’

It goes on to quote Psalm 115 in the Bible, usually interpreted as…

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an insistence that believers should acknowledge the existence of only one God.The ‘Buddha bush’ is one of over 3,000 types of plant which thrive at the Hubbards’ five-bedroom 1850 home – Hill House Garden and Nursery – near Ashburton in south Devon. The six-acre grounds are open to the public ‘just to wander around’.
Mr Hubbard, who attends Church of England services, accused those behind the letter of ‘cowardice’.

He added: ‘Who can visit our nursery and is such a religious fanatic that they are frightened by a box hedge? We’ve got a Greek Temple too – so we’re multicultural. And I thought Buddhism was the most peaceful of all the religions.’

The Hubbards have not contacted the police over the letter, and have no intention of altering the Buddha bush.

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Comment from Bodhipaksa
Time: April 1, 2011, 11:06 am

There’s a bit of religious confusion in this Daily Mail article. The bush appears to be cut in the shape, not of the Buddha, but of Po Tei, who is a fat, jolly gentleman dressed as a monk, and who has the role of being a kind og household deity of prosperity.

It’s a bit like thinking that Santa Claus is Christ.

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