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The Way of Mindfulness: A winter meditation immersion retreat

Our good friends at the Triratna Buddhist Community’s San Francisco center are holding a winter meditation retreat. The annual winter meditation immersion retreat is held in silence, simplicity and spaciousness among the magical redwoods and madrones of the Santa Cruz mountains.

The program offers sustained periods of sitting and walking meditation, periods of instruction and guidance and the experience of living with a like-minded community of those curious to go deeper into meditation practice. Participants range from beginners just introduced to meditation to seasoned practitioners. Those introduced to meditation through an introductory course or drop-in class are welcome to join the retreat.

The four presences of mindfulness, body, feelings, mind and dhammas (the nature of experience) will be part of this year’s teaching and practice exploration, using two classic and comprehensive mindfulness teachings from the Buddha: the Anapanasati (Mindfulness with Breathing) and Satipatthana discourses.

How to Register
Registration deadline with full payment or $100 deposit: Sun, Dec 7

The retreat starts at 7pm on Monday, December 21, and ends at 12pm on Wednesday, December 30. A simple dinner will be served between 6 & 6:30pm on the first night of the retreat.

Sliding scale: $550-$450, plus optional donation for teachers and the cook. Paying the higher end of the sliding scale helps others come on retreat at a lower rate.

The venue is about a 2 hour drive from San Francisco. After you register and pay the deposit you will receive information about location, carpools, what to bring, etc. by email. To register online, visit our website.

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