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UCLA research scientist to explain benefits of meditation in Saratoga

Saturday, Apr 7 10:30 am to 12:00 noon, at West Valley College, Saratoga, CA.

Price: $12

Phone: (408) 702-2319

Join UCLA behavioral research scientist, Dara Ghahremani & National Director of the Art of Meditation, Rajshree Patel as they explore how we can tune back into ourselves despite the daily demands in a stressful environment.

Rajshree Patel, known for her intellect, humor and dynamism, will share insights on how to handle mental chatter through meditation. As a former Los Angeles district attorney she accidentally walked into a meditation workshop. After she started her meditation practice, she discovered that she could handle twice the number of cases as compared to her peers in lesser amount of time and was much more productive. Dara Ghahremani with his crispness and intelligence is sure to feed your intellectual curiosity about the science of the brain and meditation. As a leading researcher at UCLA Center for Addictive Behavior his tidbits about research on meditation tools is sure to coax anyone to explore the depth of ones’ own mind.

The experience of the deep silence, during a live meditation, in a large audience, is sure to amaze you. Take a step towards taking charge of your own wellness, on World health day 2012, with the incredible guided meditation session to be led by Rajshree Patel.

[via Mercury News]

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