Wirral Mind launches free meditation classes

Stephanie Cureton, Wirral Globe: Free meditation classes are being offered to Wirral residents with mental health issues.

The weekly course, which is being run by charity Wirral Mind, aims to help people to tackle depression and other problems.

And instructor Graeme Waterfield, who has battled the condition himself, is hoping the classes will reach out to those who need support the most.

The 39-year-old said: “Meditation can help with an array of mental health problems, such as depression. It’s really for peace and mind and general well-being. Meditation helps people to find a new way of looking at life, to get more clarity …

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Are there still meditation classes in wirral?


We just pass on these news stories, Neil, so we don’t know. If you contact Wirral Mind through their website you might find out.


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