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YogaHub’s second annual Virtual World Yoga Conference

From Tuesday, Feb. 8th to Saturday, Feb. 12th, 2011, YogaHub will be hosting its second annual Virtual World Yoga Conference. This year’s theme, “Yoga, Meditation, and the Philosopher’s Stone” is dedicated to improving an individual’s inner practice through a variety of workshop topics focusing on yoga, health, and happiness.

“The response to our first Virtual World Yoga Conference on yoga, health and happiness, held last year, was far more than we had hoped for”, says YogaHub founder Christina Souza-Ma. “We had participants from over 30 different countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Since our intent is to establish a global community, this year’s goal is to have participants represented from every country in the world.”

For those who did not participate last year and are not sure what a virtual world conference is or how you can practice yoga online, Segovia Smith, YogaHub’s high-tech visionary, offers the following explanation. “A virtual conference enables individuals to participate in workshops from the comfort of their own homes or anywhere else you choose to be, without having to worry about travel, hotel, food, and other expenses usually associated with a conference. Participation is by phone or internet access and, once registered, participants will officially have a “seat” in all classrooms. This is an ideal opportunity for like-minded people to share their knowledge and expertise of yoga and other health modalities online. Participating in an event where travel costs are non-existent makes this yoga conference easy to afford and available to all”.

For $297, individuals will be given private phone and web access to this year’s Conference, which will offer five full days of exciting and innovative workshops presented by over 60 experienced teachers who are enthusiastically looking forward to sharing their wisdom and expertise. Their workshops will focus on guiding individuals toward transmuting life’s difficulties, challenges and tragedies into peace, happiness, and well-being.

Participants can take the Conference workshops at their own pace. Each session will be recorded so that participants have up to two weeks after the live conference has ended to listen to any or all of the workshops again and ask the presenter questions on the forum.

Christina also said “In addition to nearly doubling the size of this years conference, we’re grateful to all of our sponsors including Massage Magazine and LA Yoga Magazine who have both come on board as media partners.”

For more information on the Virtual World Yoga Conference, check out http://VirtualYogaConference.com or call 1-888-YOGA-HUB.

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