Can you do nothing for two minutes? Come on, give it a try!

do nothing for two minutes

On Facebook the other day I came across a link to an excellent—and very simple—online mindfulness tool.

It’s called “Do nothing for 2 minutes,” and it’s an invitation to sit in front of an ocean landscape, with the gentle sound of waves, and to (well, you guessed it) do nothing.

What makes this interesting is that there’s a timer on the screen that counts down the two minutes second by second, and the timer resets any time you touch the mouse, trackpad, or keyboard. This discourages multitasking and encourages you to, well, Do Nothing for Two Minutes.

It’s a lovely idea.

One person who wrote to me about this tool said “It has done wonders to punctuate the information overload that I tend to get during a day of work and stress.”

I can well believe it.

Click here to do nothing for two minutes.

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Meredith Resnick
January 25, 2011 2:43 pm

I think this is a very brilliant idea!
In fact, I am struck by the fact that this is challenging and it should not be so!
I am thinking of giving my kids a go at it tonight too. I predict they may be no better at it then me. But this initial try makes me think that this is worthy of doing repeatedly and getting better at (for both me and the kids).

I just posted all about this on my blogs and

I am convinced that meditation is a fabulous parenting tool and great for kids to learn as well. So, here it goes….


Two minutes is too long. Why not make it more realistic?


I could not get it to work :(


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