Don’t Hesitate: Meditate

dont-hestitate-meditateThis isn’t a book review — it’s a book recommendation.

One of my long-term meditation students, life coach Tim Brownson, who is an all-round good guy and a very funny (and wise) blogger, has written an excellent little guide to meditation called Don’t Hesitate — Meditate.

It’s the perfect guide for people who don’t meditate because they think meditation is a bunch of hippy nonsense or who think they can’t possibly meditate because their minds are too busy or who think that meditation is religious.

Tim’s the perfect person to write a book for people like those, because he used to be one of them :)

One of Tim’s great virtues is that he loves to give things away, so the book can be downloaded from his site along with a bunch of other writings, of you can just click on the links below for:

Don’t hesitate — download! (And remember to check out Tim’s other free ebooks.)/a>

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