Free Bodhipaksa!

Buddha Meditation auf der grünen WieseThere’s just one week left in our Indiegogo campaign. We’re doing fairly well, with $12,716 raised so far of our $22,000 target. But there’s still a long way to go, and time is growing short.

If you’re new to the Free Bodhi fundraiser, we’re raising money to help Bodhipaksa be more effective in promoting meditation, by providing seed-money for a new admin worker at Wildmind. This new position will help free Bodhipaksa (Bodhi) up from day to day admin that gets in the way of writing and teaching.

To get an idea of how this can benefit the world, Wildmind is providing a year-long program of free meditation events in 2014, called the Year of Going Deeper. It’s an amazing opportunity for people to learn meditation and to take their practice to a deeper level. But that program’s not going to be sustainable unless people like you — people who recognize the value of meditation — help out. So please contribute to our Free Bodhi project.

Oh, and we’re offering great perks to all our donors, so in giving, you’ll also receive.

Below, you’ll see Christina, from Germany, explaining why it’s a good idea to help Free Bodhi.

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