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Join us for a Year of Going Deeper

A year of going deeperJoin us for a series of free meditation events throughout 2014. We’re calling this our Year of Going Deeper.

The Year of Going Deeper includes events suitable for you whatever your level of practice, whether you’re a beginner interested in learning basic techniques or a more experienced meditator interested in cultivating deep meditative states and insight. You’re free to pick and choose which events you participate in.

  • Registration for these events is free, although donations are encouraged.
  • When you register for an event, you’re signing up for a daily practice reminder that will be delivered by email.
  • The newsletter will contain practice suggestions and links to guided meditations.
  • There will also be some “live” events that you can watch on video, or watch recordings of later.
  • For each event there will be an online community where you can share your experience and receive support and encouragement.

Click on the title of any event in order to learn more or to register.

Dates Event Details
Jan 1 – 28 Sit : Breathe : Love
A 28 Day Meditation Challenge
Jan 31 – May 10 100 Days of Lovingkindness* An exploration of the four “immeasurable” states of kindness, compassion, appreciation, and “loving with insight”
May 13 – Jun 9 Sit : Breathe : Love
A 28 Day Meditation Challenge
Jun 6 – Aug 10 60 Days to Jhana Exploring how to bring about deeper states of calmness, energy, joy, and concentration that characterize the “flow” state known as jhana or dhyana
Aug 13 – Sep 9 Sit : Breathe : Love
A 28 Day Meditation Challenge
Sep 12 – Oct 23 42 Days: 6 Elements An exploration of the Six Element Practice, which is an insight practice on impermanence, interconnectedness, and non-self
Oct 27 – Nov 23 Sit : Breathe : Love
A 28 Day Meditation Challenge
Nov 28 – Dec 25 4 Weeks of Insight Dissolving the false sense of having a separate and permanent self, so that we can embrace change and let go of suffering

* Suitable for complete beginners. Other events require prior meditation experience. Click on event titles for further details or to register.

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