Love letters to strangers (Day 16)

Lotus, isolated on whiteI’ve been talking, in these 100 Days of Lovingkindness posts, of ways we can cultivate metta, or lovingkindness. But we also need to put it into practice. We need to practice kindness — to show kindness to others.

One of the participants in our 100 Days Google+ Community shared what I thought was a beautiful practice. She wrote:

For a few days I was surreptitiously writing love notes and dropping them in unlikely places for whoever found them. It was a challenge to my poetic nature and a source of delight to me.

It sounds crazy, but harmlessly loving, and since I’m in a bit of a funk today I think I’ll write a little love note. Here goes:

“This is to you. You are an extraordinary human being. The only one of your particular makeup who has ever been and who will ever be in all of time. You are totally amazing and I love you very much.”

Wow. This is something I’d never have thought of, but what a beautiful idea. I’m thinking of slipping notes under the doors of the other offices in the building where Wildmind’s “World Headquarters” are.

But I’m also trying to think of writing some of my blog posts here as “love letters to strangers.” I think it would change the tone of my communication

What would you write — in just a sentence or two — to a complete stranger, to communicate love and kindness?

PS Feel free to join our Google+ 100 Day Community, where people are reporting-in on their practice, and giving each other support and encouragement.

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Oouw,, Good idea :-)


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