100 Days of Lovingkindness (Jan 31 – May 10)

YOGD-100daysRegistration for 100 Days of Lovingkindness is now closed. Check the list below for events that are still available, and sign up for our newsletter to learn about future incarnations of this event.

We ran our first 100 Days of Lovingkindness early in 2013, and it was tremendously successful. This is not a meditation challenge requiring you do lovingkindness practice every day. It’s simply an opportunity, over the course of a 100 day period, to bring more lovingkindness into your life.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Appreciate that kindness is something that’s inherent in your being, and that it just needs to be nurtured
  • Be kinder to yourself
  • Be less irritated and more patient with others
  • Develop acceptance instead of making judgments
  • Develop genuine compassion
  • Avoid “idiot compassion” (where we deny our own needs in the service of others)
  • Become more appreciative and see the best in others
  • Stay balanced while dealing with difficulties in life

Over the 100 days you’ll receive a daily practice reminder, with links to guided meditations and other resources.

There is also an online community, on Google Plus, where you can ask questions, share your experience, and get support and encouragement. Joining the community if you have Google account (e.g. if you have a GMail account) and it’s still easy even if you don’t! We’ll send you details of how to join the community after you register.

Participation in 100 Days of Lovingkindness is free, although we do appreciate donations. In fact we need donations to cover our running costs.

You can make a donation right now using the Paypal button below.

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