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4 Weeks of Insight (Nov 28 – Dec 25)

YOGD-insightThe entire point of Buddhist practice is to bring about freedom from suffering. We can free ourselves from much of our suffering by becoming more ethical, more mindful, and more compassionate, but becoming a more skillful, “better” person isn’t enough. In order to bring about the maximum degree of freedom from suffering we have to radically change the way we see ourselves, and our relation with the world. This change comes about by developing insight.

Insight meditation challenges us to look deeply at the nature of our experience. In particular is trains us to observe and accept the fact that everything within our experience (including our experience of ourselves) is in a constant state of change. Because everything we can experience (including our experiencing) is constantly changing, there is nothing that can constitute the kind of self we commonly assume ourselves to have. Everything we experience is not-self. And because everything we experience is impermanent, no experience can lead to lasting freedom from suffering — only a radical recognition of the fact that all our experiences are inherently unsatisfactory is able to free us from suffering.

It’s examining these three marks:

  • Impermanence
  • Non-self
  • Unsatisfactoriness

that constitutes insight meditation.

Over the four weeks of this event we’ll explore a variety of ways to examine our experience in the light of these three marks.

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Comment from Mike Webb
Time: August 14, 2014, 1:21 pm

I’d like to send a word of thanks for the mindfulness of breathing guided meditation on Bhodhipaksa’s CD. Although I have practiced anapanasati regularly for decades, I tried his guided meditation for the first time this morning, and found it immensely helpful in refreshing my practice. Heartfelt thanks!

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