60 Days to Jhana (Jun 12 – Aug 10)

YOGD-60daysjhanaLet’s face it: a lot of the time our meditation is just work — being ridiculously distracted, going back to the breathing, becoming distracted again.

But, rarely, from time to time, like the sun coming out from behind a cloud, everything becomes clearer, sharper, more vivid. Our practice begins to flow. The mind becomes calm. We feel alive. And we become joyfully absorbed in our experience, with virtually no distractions at all.

“Jhana” is the Buddhist term for this “flow” state in meditation (to borrow a term from modern psychology).

While jhana may appear to hit randomly (and with a distressing lack of frequency) often the problem is that we simply don’t know the techniques that help bring it about.

In the two months of this event, you’ll learn:

  • How to recognize and neutralize distracted states of mind such as anxiety, irritability, craving, self-doubt, and laziness.
  • How to quickly and easily quiet the mind
  • How to encourage the body to relax
  • How to develop a relaxed and alert attention
  • How to experience more aliveness in the body
  • A variety of techniques for cultivating joy
  • How to relax into an effortless state of concentration

By the end of the event, if you’ve been practicing regularly, our daily practice reminders and our guided meditations will help you radically transform your meditation practice — and your experience of life.

To participate in the event, sign up below for the daily practice reminder email. The email will contain some daily practice instructions, as well as links to guided meditations that will only be available to participants. There will also be an online community where you can ask questions, share your experience, and get encouragement and support. We’ll let you know how to join the community once you sign up.


60 Days to Jhana is free, although we do appreciate donations. In fact we need donations to cover our running costs.

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