Living With Compassion: Cultivating Kindness and Empathy for Oneself and Others (Apr 1-28)

living with compassion

Compassion (karuna) is the loving desire that beings (ourselves included) be free from suffering, and that we instead be well, happy, and fulfilled. It’s also the desire to actively remove suffering.

In cultivating compassion, we learn to accept the reality of suffering, and to surround it with kindness.

In Living With Compassion we’ll be developing compassion and bringing it into our everyday lives.


In this 28-day event you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize, without judgment, the ways in which we inadvertently cause ourselves suffering.
  • Cultivate empathy, kindness, and compassion for yourself and others
  • Distinguish “wallowing” from genuine compassion
  • Let go of resentment — without suppressing it
  • Acknowledge suffering without being overwhelmed by it.
  • Avoid creating unnecessary suffering for yourself by reacting to pain
  • Embrace perspectives that help you develop emotional resilience
  • Bring compassion into your everyday activities

Course Format

Signing up for this event gives you access to:

  • 28 daily emails containing practice suggestions and reflections
  • Access to six guided meditations, from 7 to 27 minutes in length
  • Support in a friendly and welcoming online community

This event is suitable for people of all levels of experience, including complete beginners.

What other participants have said

  • “I’m really finding the course excellent. Thank you so much for it, Bodhipaksa, and for all your supporting work, Mark.” Sioned W.
  • “This course has shown me although it is important to show compassion to others; you have to look after yourself as well.” Jemma G.
  • “I’m really inspired by the emails that I receive everyday. There’s lots of change happening in my life!” Fiona B.
  • “I was amazed how quickly I was able to shift to a state of acknowledging my emotion and observing the emotion of the other parties involved, working to repair the practical situation, and then caring for my distress afterward by doing something that nurtures me.” Erin V.

About the instructor

BodhipaksaBodhipaksa has been practicing Buddhist meditation for over 30 years, and teaching for around 25 years. He formerly taught meditation in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Montana, and for several years ran a thriving retreat center in the Scottish Highlands. He is the author of more than a dozen books and audiobooks, and has been published in six languages. In 2001 he founded Wildmind, an online meditation center. He has been a member of the Triratna Buddhist order since 1993. He is originally from Scotland, but now lives in New Hampshire. He has two children.

How to register

Registration for Living With Compassion (Apr 1-28) is open!

Participation is by donation. There are three suggested donation levels, but you are free to give what you want.

  • High Income: $100 ($25 per week)
  • Medium Income: $40 ($10 per week)
  • Low Income: $20 ($5 per week)

First, determine your donation level and the amount of your donation, and then click the button below to donate.

Once your donation is received you will be sent an email link to the registration page.

Scholarships are available

A limited number of scholarships are available for those who would like to participate but are unable to make a donation. If would like to take advantage of one of these scholarships, please write to us.

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