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Emotions and your body

man doing yogaHow you hold your body has a big effect on how you feel. When you’re depressed, you collapse. Your chest caves in, your shoulders slump forward, and you end up staring at the ground in front of you because your chin is coming down to meet your chest. And when you hold your body like that it’s almost impossible to feel anything but depressed.

On the contrary when you feel strong and positive and confident you have your chest open, your shoulder back, and you look the world right in the eye. When you hold your body like that it helps you to develop confidence and feel good about yourself.

This is one of the reasons why posture is so important in meditation. It’s not just a matter of being comfortable — you’re working directly on your emotions through your body.

Your body has a memory that you can tap into. If you recall what your body feels like when you are at ease with yourself — relaxed, open, and alive — and then allow your body to find those qualities, then the emotional states associated with that posture will take root.

Outside of meditation it’s important to be aware of your body too, and to make sure that you’re setting up physical conditions that will support positive emotional states.

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