Online meditation courses

Thinking of starting meditation? Tried on your own, and now looking for guidance and motivation?

Take an online meditation course at Wildmind! They’re led in person by Sunada, an experienced and respected meditation teacher.

Students rave about her courses. They tell us they feel calmer, happier, and more at ease with themselves. And able to see their way through personal difficulties — like stress, health problems, relationship issues, and the like. And better at standing firm and confident when life gets tough.

That’s because Sunada doesn’t just teach meditation. She’s an experienced life coach, so she helps each student to turn the lens of mindfulness on their own lives. And start down the path of personal change.

There are four levels of courses — from introductory to advanced.

Course highlights:

  • Four weekly modules of step-by-step readings, instructions, and exercises
  • Weekly guided meditations in downloadable MP3 format
  • Unlimited personal feedback from an experienced teacher in a group discussion forum
  • One private email coaching session with Sunada
  • Unlimited discussion forum chats with classmates from around the world

Classes start every month (see schedule of upcoming courses). You don’t have to be a Buddhist to take any of them – they’re practical and dogma-free, and will fit with any religious faith or no religion at all.

You can also get a Life Membership (lifelong access) to all four meditation courses. This choice is good for people who are happy to work on their own and at their own pace, i.e. without the structure of a class or guidance from a teacher.

What students say about Wildmind’s courses

“This Level 1 course and discussion group have been outstanding. I have been meditating for several months now but it’s unbelievable what big changes have happened to me in the past two and a half weeks.”
– Celia, Germany

Christian“Thank you for taking such good care of us during the last four weeks on the “Change Your Mind” course. I found your answers to all our questions very useful and to the point. Also, the course material is without competition the clearest and most useful material on meditation I have come across, and I’m sure I’ll be referring back to it many times in the future.”
– Christian, Sweden

Sarah“This course has made me much more aware of my thoughts and emotions in all the rest of my life, not just on the cushion. I feel much happier, and I feel I’ve had some important realizations about myself and my life, and my relationships with other people, probably as a result of just taking some time to be with myself in such a calm and contemplative way.”
– Sarah, Spain

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