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Here’s what students have to say about taking a meditation class with Sunada.

Mandy“The course was superb and far exceeded my expectations. You’ve given me an understanding of what meditation is that’s far different and about a thousand times more accesible than the idea I had before, even though I’ve been on other courses and practised a fair bit over the years. And your commentary was absolutely invaluable. You answered every single one of everybody’s posts. I wasn’t expecting that level of support, and have been absolutely delighted by it. It made all the difference to my understanding of what meditation can be.”
– Mandy, UK

Lyn“A thousand thank yous! These two courses have allowed me to learn in a sincerely personal way that ‘the journey is the destination’. More than any previous instruction, this time here has enabled me to finally sit without expectation. Where before I was certainly a hungry ghost (never satisfied) now I feel almost like a holy ghost. I have been blessed, and blessed with the ability to be present and ‘stay’ and not feel any neuroses. My heart feels stronger and my head feels stable. I don’t feel the need to extend beyond myself to find peace and power.”
– Lyn, Wyoming

Sigrun“Thank you for your great advice during both courses and for your openness about your own experiences. The term ‘life changing experience’ is quite a bombastic one, but I have seen and understood something very important that I know will accompany me through the rest of my life and make it a more pleasant experience.”
– Sigrun, UK

Mary Ruth“Sunada, thank you for all your guidance and insight. You are a treasure. To the rest of the class, I wish I could hug you. Please go forward in peace and show all those who cross your path a gentle heart.”
– Mary Ruth, New York

Michael“Thank you for your intelligent and insightful responses to our class’ postings. I’ve learned a lot. I would say that you have found what you were put on this earth for and are a great blessing to those with whom you come into contact.”
– Michael, Thailand

Jennifer“I feel I have come a very long way through taking these courses the past few months, and through this Level 3 course in particular. On the other hand I feel that I’ve barely scratched the surface, or to put it more positively that I am on the cusp of real transformation. I am immensely grateful to Wildmind, Sunada and to my classmates for sharing your wisdom and experience.”
– Jennifer, Australia

“Thank you for all your kind words, your help, and advice as I journeyed through the meditation classes. You are a wonderful coach. I will continue meditating, and know it will be a lifelong practice for me.”
– Jill, Texas

Christine“I’ve really gotten a lot from this course. Even though I’ve been through meditation classes and worked with both mindfulness and metta practice before, I feel as though I never really “got” them until now. This was a bit of a surprise to me, since the meditation classes and retreats I attended before were in person rather than online, and you’d think, or at least I did, that in person would be better. I think the difference lies partly in working with someone with training and experience in teaching meditation. The other big difference has been the material provided – the readings and the guided meditations have been a huge help to me.”
– Christine, California

“Thank you, Sunada, for a wonderful course experience! Your kindness transcends the limiting factors of learning online!”
– Marla, Colorado

Mark“Just wanted to say a big thank you again for all your help, support and insight. It has been a difficult year and I have benefited deeply from the teachings. I have really noticed a big difference in myself (and I know others close to me in my life have too). There are some profound changes occurring for me and deep issues coming to the surface. The Level 2 course has given me a useful workable framework to tackle what’s happening.”
– Mark, UK

Ashley“Thank you for all your help and support during the course. Your posts were really clear and insightful but kind. I always got something useful out of them to think about, and you always seemed to know what would be relevant and open up contemplation. I enjoyed it a lot, and I was surprised how much help and feedback we got via the forum. I’ll definitely be back for the next two levels.”
-Ashley, Australia

Diana“This Level 2 course was fantastic. I learned A LOT about improving my meditation and my quality of life. Already I see a big improvement in concentration, contentment and the attitude I bring to my practice. I want to really make this new knowledge a part of me. Thank you so much for all your excellent and sensitive guidance. You always knew just how to point me in the right direction and get me thinking. I loved this course! It was inspiring. Thank you for everything!”
– Diana, Japan

Angella“The course exceeded my expectations. The readings were really well suited to me as a beginner, and better met my needs than the meditation handbook that I have at home. I thought the guided meditations were very helpful. That was the first time I tried guided meditations. The voice is very gentle and soothing. And of course, I thoroughly appreciated corresponding with you. You are a very supportive coach. With your help, I finally established a meditation practice. I know I’m going to continue with the remainder of the courses, over time. In the meantime, I will continue raving about Mindworks and meditation to my friends and family, and develop my meditation practice.”
– Angella, Korea

Angie“Sunada, you are an amazing teacher. Your insights and lessons were heard even when I was quiet. I hope to be back for another course soon.”
-Angie, Virginia

Michael“Thank you very much for a wonderful course. The meditations have taken me deeper then I have been before. As they say “practice, practice, practice” which I hope to continue.”
-Michael, Virginia

Anna“These courses have led me to really understand how we are all interconnected with each other, and to live with that understanding. I’ve never had such strong feelings as I do now. I feel connected with you even though we’re distant. For this I humbly thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
-Anna, California

Esther“Thanks so much for all your helpful advice and motivation over the last few weeks. I’ve found the course really useful and I think it’s a great starting point for me to now go and work by myself. I feel like the progress I’ve made has shown me what a positive influence meditation can have in my life, so I feel very determined and happy to make the time for it.”
-Esther, Spain

david“The most important thing I’ve gained is that meditation has become part of my life. I had tried before — I would do it for a month or so but would drop off. With this course I feel for the first time that meditation is a practice I can sustain.”
– David, Australia

Dominic“The readings were very thought-provoking and gave me glimpses of insight and direction. But the most rewarding parts were your insights and encouragement. I feel renewed in my determination to continue down this path wholeheartedly. Thank you very much.”
– Dominic, UK

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