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August 2005

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Course Schedule for 2005

Remember to plan ahead if you're interested in taking one of our courses. You can sign up for any course at any time.

Courses start on the following dates:

  Aug 1 to Aug 27
  Sep 6 to Sep 30
  Oct 3 to 28
  Nov 1 to 25

Seven Great Reasons to take a meditation course online:

  1. Personal attention: In your online journal you'll have an ongoing practice discussion with your teacher, who will give you encouragement and personal feedback based on many years' experience of meditation.
  2. Depth: As you reflect in your journal, get feedback, and gain insights from learning new practices, you'll take your meditation practice to a new level of effectiveness.
  3. Quality: Access to outstanding written and audiovisual materials online.
  4. Support: You'll benefit from the discipline of a structured four-week course.
  5. Convenience: Log on when you want, fitting classes into your schedule when it's convenient.
  6. Flexibility: Download audio files that will guide you through meditation at any time.
  7. Availability: There are many opportunities each year to take a course. See the dates above for details.


Dear Wildmind Subscriber,

This is a briefer than usual newsletter again this month, since Bodhipaksa is teaching at the University of New Hampshire and Wildmind is also moving office. It's a busy time! We'll get back to having a book review and quote of the month in our next newsletter.

In this issue:

  • Our next online meditation courses start Mon, Aug 1.
  • Meditation in the news
  • Retreat opportunity in Montana
  • Support our translation project

Our next online meditation courses start next Monday, August 1.

Meditating has been shown in clinical studies to improve both mental and physical health. If you've ever been curious to find out more about meditation's powerful potential for reducing stress, staying healthy, and for encouraging conscious relaxation, sign up for one of our convenient online meditation courses.

These four-week courses offer a content-rich experience and interactive experience, with online readings, guided meditations in MP3 and RealAudio format that you can download to your computer, a discussion forum, and personal attention in your online journal. And you have access to all these things 24/7.

Our courses are suitable for anyone from complete beginners to more experienced practitioners. You'll learn powerful techniques for reducing stress and developing patience, relaxation, and calmness in a friendly and supportive environment.

Our August courses will be led by Sinhendra, an accomplished teacher who is part of the team at Dharmavastu Buddhist Study Center in northwest England. Sinhendra has a background in theatre arts, and has done post-graduate study in the history of ideas.


Our next online meditation courses -- from all levels from beginners onwards -- start Monday, Aug 1. Make sure you book your place now.

Meditation in the News

Jul 28 Dissing the Dalai Lama (Inside Higher Ed)
The Dalai Lama, who once said he would have been an engineer if he hadn’t become a monk, has been invited to speak at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, in November – to the distress of some society members who are boycotting the meeting.

Jul 28 Plan for Dalai Lama lecture angers neuroscientists (Guardian, UK)
Chinese scientists protest Tibetan Buddhist leader's address to conference.

Jul 27 Science explores meditation's effect on the brain (National Public Radio)
Scientists are taking advantage of new technologies to see exactly what goes on inside the brains of Buddhist monks and other so-called "Olympian" meditators -- individuals who meditate intensively and regularly.

Jul 27 The magic of meditation (Newsweek)
Director David Lynch discusses how to find inner peace and change the world ‘to a good one.’

Jul 25 Seven billion buys peace through meditation (New Zealand Herald)
US film director David Lynch wants to raise US$7 billion ($10.2 billion) to bring about world peace through a huge transcendental meditation programme.

Jul 23 People find value in meditation, reflection (NewsAdvance)
According to the Biblical story of creation, even God took a day of rest after six busy days of making the universe.
Yet Americans seem reluctant to take similar time off.

Jul 23 Chinese consulate appeal marks six years of persecution (Epoch Times)
In the past six years, the Chinese Communist Party has used its state-run media, its control over the Internet, and China’s police and state security forces to suppress Falun Gong.

Jul 21 Director aims to boost meditation (BBC)
Film director David Lynch wants to raise $7bn (£3.98bn) to introduce meditation into US schools in a bid to bring about world peace.

Jul 20 Meditation gurus help locals relax (tracy Press, California)
A group of meditation gurus have come to help tracy’s famously stressed-out population of professional commuters.

Jul 18 Meditation: Focusing your mind to achieve relaxation (Cybernoon, India)
Clear your mind and focus on the moment.

Jul 18 A method of getting the ego out of the way (Galveston County Daily News, Texas)
A Buddhist teacher told more than 40 people gathered in a Galveston church last week how to use the healing power of compassion.

Jul 15 Meditating on food in order to eat less of it (Baltimore Sun)
So there we sat, 28 of us, on a recent summer evening, munching ever so slowly on, and paying exquisite attention to, the surprisingly complex tastes and textures of gorp, that mixture of dried fruit and nuts so popular with hikers.

Jul 13 Conference with Dalai Lama on “Science and clinical applications of meditation” (eMediaWire)
Adam Engle, Chairman and co-founder with the Dalai Lama of the Mind and Life Institute, said meditation is used in treatment of stress, pain and other chronic diseases but applications only touch the surface.

Jul 13 Buddhism followers plan meditation center (Mail tribune, Oregon)
Tibetan Buddhism is preparing to make a giant step out of a residential living room into a $1 million meditation center in Ashland

Jul 12 Yoga can be good for breast cancer patients (MedIndia)
Yoga is being used to reduce pain, trauma and anxiety in patients with breast cancer.

Jul 12 Mr. Mindfulness (Washington Post)
Living in the Moment Is Tough, Even for the Idea's Leading Exponent. Just Ask Jon Kabat-Zinn

Jul 10 Acupuncture, meditation join other medical remedies (Daily Republic, Fairfield, California)
Acupuncture, natural supplements, meditation and other health treatments and therapies commonly deemed as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) are gaining acceptance as viable treatment options among the general public and conventional medical doctors.

Jul 8 Local Catholics among worldwide community of meditation pilgrims (The Tidings, Los Angeles)
Twice a day, at home or on vacation, Pat Arkosy and Mary Ann Gould practice Christian meditation.

Jul 8 transcendental Meditation (PBS)
transcendental Meditation -- TM -- was widely popular 40 years ago: a technique for relaxation and awareness using certain sounds and ways of breathing, 20 minutes, twice a day.

Jul 7 Psychic internet experiment will attempt to influence G-8 summit leaders (eMediaWire)
A meditation expert from the UK is conducting an experiment in which Web site visitors will be asked to take part in a meditation to psychically influence leaders of the G-8 summit to make poverty history.

Jul 6 University takes a principled stand (The Epoch Times)
Sydney’s University of Technology (UTS) has stood up to pressure from the Chinese Communist Party by refusing to remove mention of a Falun Dafa meditation club from its website. As a result, the UTS website has been blocked in China, which is expected to lower the number of incoming Chinese students, substantially affecting university revenue.

Jul 6 Alternative trainers teach Palestinian health workers to treat trauma (Haaretz Daily, Israel)
Center founder Jim Gordon also used his program of meditation, yoga and alternative therapies to help New York City firefighters deal with the emotional stress of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Jul 3 Finding inner peace with Buddhist meditation (Metrowest Daily News, Massachusetts)
"There is not one place on this planet I would rather be at this moment," said David Chutiko, a Buddhist monk from the Wat Buddhabhavana Buddhist Meditation Center in Westford.

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We're pleased to announce that all of our CDs are available as MP3 downloads in our meditation supplies store, either as individual tracks or as complete CD downloads.

We even have available Bodhipaksa's new CD, Guided Meditations for Busy People. It's available right now!

Big Sky Mind retreat, September 9-16, 2005


"I have never felt so close to a group of people in such a short period of time." Rob, NH.

"Meditating with others was wonderfully supportive. The experience was an inspirational adrenaline shot to my practice and my life." Rori, ME

"Participating in the Big Sky Mind Retreat is one of the most important things I have ever done. The chatter in my mind slowed enough to really be present to the moment. Sustaining that sweet state for several days was truly amazing." Karen, UT

Wildmind's Big Sky Mind retreat takes place twice a year -- in New England in the spring and in Montana in the fall. Now's a good time to think about booking a place for the September retreat, which runs from the 9th to the 16th, with a weekend option. As you'll see from the quotes from previous participants the retreat is a wonderful opportunity to practice intensive mindfulness meditation in a supportive environment under Bodhipaksa's guidance.

For more information on the retreat, including details on how to reserve a place, visit the website of the Rocky Mountain Buddhist Center, Missoula, Montana.

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