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October 2008 Issue: Warriorhood

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On Practice

Buddha's mudra of fearlessness

Awakening the Inner Warrior
by Justin Whitaker

The archetype of warriorhood, if taken literally, can antithetical to the Buddhist path of peace. Taken as a metaphor for inner change, however, it can represent the inner struggle required in spiritual practice. Guest blogger and philosopher Justin Whitaker explores three types of warrior: outer, inner, and perfected.

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Bodhisattva ManjushriThe Buddha as warrior
by Jeannette Shin

It might seem strange to think of the Buddha as a "warrior" when he is rightly seen as above all a figure of peace. Lieutenant (jg) Jeanette Shin, the US military's first Buddhist chaplain, looks at the Buddha's martial background.

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FlowerEngagement and Anxiety
by Bodhipaksa

A Wildmind visitor called Cory asked: I want to keep watch on world events so that I'm not naive with regard to politics, yet remain unburdened by worry, fear, and attachment of those events which I cannot conceivably control. My question to you is, what is the way to endure when a shadow of worry or fear pervades your heart?

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Quote of the Month

portrait"If one should conquer thousands in battle, and if another should conquer only himself, his indeed is the greatest victory."
- The Buddha

Life as a battle is a common metaphor — even in Buddhist teachings. Bodhipaksa shows how the Buddha subverted the language of violence so that true heroism was to practice love.

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Connect with other practitioners in The Open Circle

open circle logoComing up in September on The Open Circle...

The Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path.

The Eightfold path is one of the Buddha's very first teachings, offering profound wisdom as well as practical advice on how to live our lives. Easily accessible, the Noble Eightfold Path is useful to those simply wanting to live a more meaningful life, as well as those aspiring to Enlightenment.

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About the Open Circle

If you've been looking for the support and encouragement of a community of like-minded spiritual practitioners, the Open Circle may be just right for you.

The Open Circle is an ongoing discussion forum in which you can explore Buddhist teachings and apply them in your life.

Free Trial of the Open Circle

And we're offering a limited number of no-strings, free, two-week trials. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you're interested, just reply to this email expressing your interest.

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Book review

portrait"Warrior King of Shambhala: Remembering Chogyam Trungpa," by Jeremy Hayward

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche was a charismatic, brilliant teacher whose drinking and sexual dalliances left a problematic legacy.

Suriyavamsa reviews a new book that appreciates Trungpa's monumental contribution to western Buddhism but doesn't shy away from describing his shortcomings.

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Meditation in the News: Top Five Stories of the Past Month

meditation in the news

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