Thousands greet giant Jade Buddha

July 27, 2010

War, oil spills, earthquakes, tornadoes, disease and nuclear proliferation are the realities of our world today.

Peace and tranquillity are what we long for, but those qualities are elusive and rare in our lives. So when the opportunity presents itself to get closer to that state, many take it, which is why more than 4,000 people from across Western Canada and the United States gathered Sunday in the country, 45 kilometres north of Edmonton.

They had come to see the Jade Buddha of Universal Peace, which is supposed to bring inner peace and happiness to those who see it. How could it not, under…

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Meditation an ‘effective tool’ in treating brain trauma

June 13, 2010

Brain injuries can leave survivors with long-term damage to their concentration, patience and emotional control, but researchers are finding meditation may be the best medicine.

Janine Maitland, Audrey Devitt and Paula Rodgers of St. Joseph’s Health Centre conducted a study with 44 people with acquired brain injuries to determine whether “mindful” group meditation is effective.

In their findings, which they brought to a conference on brain injuries in Kingston yesterday, showed that patients in the program had lower depression, stress and anxiety levels.

“We see it being a very effective tool … and also very cost-effective,” said Maitland, senior research associate at St. Joseph’s in Hamilton.

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