Buddhist community opens new meditation centre in Brno, Czech Republic

March 21, 2011

The local Buddhist community has built a new meditation centre in Brno, the Moravian capital and the Czech Republic’s second largest city with a population of 500,000, Marketa Blazejovska, from the community, has told CTK.

The new building worth 24 million crowns, named the Diamond Path House, has replaced the Buddhist community’s old headquarters, situated elsewhere, that had run out of capacity and could not be extended.

A half of the new building’s costs were financed from a grant, and the rest from an interest-free loan from a private foundation.

The debt has been repaid through donations from the centre members and supporters from the…

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Buddhists across the world meditate for compassion

August 10, 2009

News 8 Austin: For three days, Buddhists across the country and across the world took part in a meditation marathon, wishing for lasting happiness for all beings.

The marathon started Sunday at Diamond Way Buddhist centers, including one in Austin. The meditation is designed to strengthen compassion in participant’s own minds, as well as to have a broader effect on society.

“Meditation in Buddhism is really like a science of mind where we look deeply into what mind actually is,” participant Christopher Melson said. “So behind all the thoughts and feelings, they’re looking for some awareness that has some lasting qualities and one of those is compassion.”

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