Meditation techniques help practitioners cope with life situations

March 4, 2011

As someone who had coped with anxiety much of her adult life, Kelly Brose of Urbandale had become well-versed in ways to treat her condition. And despite medications and various techniques, she ultimately found one of the most effective ways to combat her anxiety was through meditation.

“I still use it, and it’s still effective; in fact, it worked so well for me that I actually used to teach it,” Brose, 45, said. “Along with progressive muscle relaxation, it’s a great treatment that doesn’t involve taking medication, and that appealed to me.”

Brose is not alone; according to the Mayo Clinic website, meditation has long been touted, even by health-care professionals, as one of the … Read more »

Iowa State University instructors find peace through meditation

February 22, 2011

As ISU faculty members know, the life of a career academic is filled with stress. Juggling research, grading and teaching taxes the emotional reserves of scholars at every level, from adjunct to department chairperson. At times, the pressures of their jobs can seem inescapable.

But for two ISU instructors, this is not the case. Brian Eslinger and Joel Geske said they find relief from the stress of work in the Buddhist traditions of mindfulness meditation.

Historically, the term “meditation” has been used to refer to many different practices within Buddhism, including breath-counting, repetition of a word or phrase known as a mantra and the contemplation of paradoxical questions called koans. Broadly speaking, the aim of … Read more »