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Wildmind Meditation News

Sep 20, 2003

Log on and bliss out: It’s virtual meditation

Too busy to breathe? Too frazzled for fun? Meditainment’s for you. The strange thing is, writes Gayle MacDonald, it actually works

‘Imagine you are the navigator of a canoe, gliding down a river on a warm sunny day,” says a honeyed voice. “You are looking forward to arriving at a destination that is all your own. There is no need for any haste. This place is always here for you.”

Ah. Forget virtual reality. This is virtual relaxation. I am not actually in a cedar-strip canoe, floating down a river. Instead, I’m sitting at my computer, headphones on, eyes clamped shut. The chirps of birds and the sound of water … Read more »

Wildmind Meditation News

Aug 23, 2003

Helping patients to relax

Kidney patients are being given a new way of relaxing before their treatment – meditation CDs. Read more

Wildmind Meditation News

Aug 16, 2003

Meditating on a cinema first

A new venture offers groups of people the chance to meditate in the darkened comfort of the multiplex. Read more