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May 30, 2014

ZenFriend: A new meditation timer for iPhone

zenfriend1I’ve recently been trying out a new meditation timer app for iPhone. It’s very nicely designed and has a lot of promise. And it’s free today, and for the next two days.

The app is called ZenFriend, and it has a very clean and, well, friendly design scheme. The other app I use for timing meditations is the well-known Insight Timer, which I enjoy using, although I don’t like the faux-wood design. Skeuomorphism is so iOS6!

As you’ll see from the first screenshot, there’s a nice blurred-out background image, beautiful typography, and nice clean “buttons” for pausing or ending your sit.

website_02The interface for selecting the length of your … Read more »

Wildmind Meditation News

Sep 09, 2009

Free meditation timers added to Wildmind

incenseIf you’ve ever found it distracting keeping one eye on the clock while meditating, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve just added some MP3 meditation timers to Wildmind.

You can play these files directly on the site (remember to bookmark the page) or you can download the files to your own computer.

If you want to read a discussion of some of the issues around timing your meditation practice we’d suggest visiting this page, which also includes links to other timers.

We’d like to thank Vajramati of the Triratna Buddhist Community in New York City for having put these files together.