Meditation provides outlet for college students’ stress

November 13, 2010

As our semester hurdles toward the dreaded week of final exams, I’ve noticed that a number of my friends have struggled with overwhelming stress, test anxiety and jittery nerves.

We all have our hands full with class projects and exams, and the damage that these can inflict on our bodies is surprising. A number of health issues arise from intense stress and anxiety, as these bodily defenses ultimately hinder our immune systems.

Limited amounts of stress can benefit a person, making him or her more aware, more focused, more productive. In small doses, stress can be a positive reaction our body has to outside stimuli, but as this stress increases with added responsibilities and requirements, … Read more »

Infinity in the palm of your hand

January 4, 2009

autumn leafWould you like to see the world in a new way? A way that’s more authentic and satisfying? A way that taps into your infinite potential and helps others to realize theirs?

Eirik Solheim has put together an impressive time-lapse movie of a woodland scene that compresses an entire year into 40 seconds of footage. This kind of presentation helps us to see the world in a different, and in some respects more real, way.

The human mind and senses are not good at perceiving change. You look at a cloud once, and then again ten minutes later, and you think it’s the same cloud. Actually the entire shape and size of the cloud may … Read more »

Contact with nature helps kids with ADD

January 4, 2009

A dose of nature shows some help for children’s concentration skills. Results of the small study have been published in the August issue of The Journal of Attention Disorders. WHYY Morning Edition’s Brenda Jorett talked with Dr. Dan Gottlieb. Listen to the podcast (5 minutes, 24 seconds)