Inmates breathe easier after meditative classes

The qigong meditative class begins with instructor David Ezra asking the participants if they have any worries this week.

A burly man with tattoos running down his arms speaks up.

“Any little thing will set me off,” Sonny Mitchell says.

Ezra tells Mitchell to control his emotions and then instructs all the men in orange jumpsuits to stand in two rows of five or six. He turns on a portable CD player, which plays soothing melodies.

Several feet away, Deputy Frank Oathout, a guard at County Jail in Martinez, watches to ensure the inmates behave while they’re performing their slow movements and controlled breathing techniques.

Mitchell was arrested on suspicion of stealing a car and … Read more »

Ancient Chinese moving meditation of qi gong offers path to relaxation

Star News Online: Qi gong, a form of movement arts that originated in China 2,000 years ago, calms the mind and restores the human connection with universal love to allow the body to heal itself. Similar to tai chi in its slow movements, qi gong can be done seated or standing so people with an illness that limits their movement can also do the exercise. Read more here.