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Meditation zeitgeist, June 5, 2008

June 5, 2008

ZeitgeistA not-entirely-random selection of blog posts on meditation.

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Sit still, why don’t you? (The Age, Australia)

November 1, 2003

Stressed? Of course I’m stressed. Even when I’m at ease, I’m tense. So when I take a meditation class at East Kew’s Life Development Centre, I try to clear the mind of preconceptions of something practiced by hippies in the hazy aroma of incense and candlelight.

Meditation has gone mainstream. Once the domain of left-wing guru-seekers, the art of relaxation has moved into the business world and is now sought out by well-heeled executives and upper management as a way of clearing the pressures of the working week. Even Harry M. Miller meditates.

The Tuesday morning class in Kew is a…

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Helping patients to relax

August 23, 2003

Kidney patients are being given a new way of relaxing before their treatment – meditation CDs. Read more

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