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Selection seven

Restraint of the mind —
Hard to restrain, insubstantial,
And which follows its own desires — is good.
A tamed mind leads to happiness.

The wise should protect the mind —
Hard to behold, subtle,
And which follows its own desires.
A guarded mind leads to happiness.

For one who is of unsteady mind,
Who doesn’t know the Dhamma,
And whose tranquility is superficial,
His wisdom will not attain fullness.

If a fool associates with a wise one
For as long as he lives,
He will no more perceive the Dhamma
Than the ladle tastes the soup.

If an intelligent one associates with a wise one
For even a moment,
He sees the Dhamma swiftly,
Like the tongue tastes the soup.

It is good not to do that action,
Having done which, one repents,
For which one experiences the woeful results,
Tearful and lamenting.

It is good to have done that action,
Having done which, one repents,
The results of which one experiences
Delighted, with happy mind.

Firmly establish yourself in what is befitting,
Then should you counsel others.
Thus the wise one
May not become defiled.

Translated by Bodhipaksa.

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