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Selection ten

Just as the rain pierces through
An ill-thatched house,
Thus the undeveloped mind
Desire pierces through.

Just as the rain does not pierce through
A well-thatched house,
Thus the developed mind
Desire does not pierce through.

Here he grieves, and having died he grieves;
The evildoer grieves in both places.
He grieves and suffers
Having seen the impurity of his own actions.

Here he rejoices, and having died rejoices;
One who has done good actions rejoices in both places.
He rejoices and is glad
Having seen the purity of his own actions.

He burns here and having died he burns;
The evildoer burns in both places.
He burns, thinking, “Evil is done by me.”
Gone to an ill destiny he burns further.

He is joyful here and having died he is joyful;
The doer of good is joyful in both places.
He is joyful, thinking, “Good is done by me.”
Gone to a good destiny he rejoices further.

Translated by Bodhipaksa.

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