Sit Breathe Love: 28 Days to Establishing a Rock-Solid Daily Meditation Practice (Jul 1-28)

Sit Breathe Love is a 28 day meditation challenge helping you to set up the habit of meditating daily.

The benefits of regular meditation have been demonstrated again and again in multiple studies. Meditating makes you happier, is good for your health, protects your brain from aging, boosts your intelligence, and helps reduce pain, stress, and depression.

But it’s not easy to set up a regular meditation practice, so we’re here to help you!

Course benefits

This course will help you to experience:

  • Being more at ease in your life
  • Greater self-acceptance
  • Confidence in your ability to set up the habit of meditating daily
  • Reduced “perfectionism”
  • A greater sense of being in control of your emotions
  • An enhanced ability to relate harmoniously to others.

Course format

Clear, practical and down-to-earth, this course will help you to transform not just your brain, but your life. You’ll receive:

  • Daily guidance in the form of an email from Bodhipaksa, containing reflections and meditation instructions.
  • Ten guided meditation recordings (from 8 to 30 minutes in length: average is 15 minutes).
  • An online community where you can share your experiences, ask questions, and receive support and encouragement.

This event is suitable for people of all levels of experience, including complete beginners.

What other participants have said

  • “It was a wonderful experience. For years I’ve been sitting alone, and this experience of sitting with a group, sharing and being together motivates, emphasizes the basics, and creates a community of focused people.” Paul C.
  • “It’s been a delightful journey. I meditated every day of the challenge. ‘I meditate every day, it’s just what I do, it’s part of who I am.’ Thank you!” Lizzie E.
  • “If 28 days can have such an impact on my practice, imagine what 28 weeks, 28 months, 28 years ( I should live so long!) of meditating every day can have!” Jennifer O.
  • “Thanks to all for a wonderful experience. I’m so glad we did this together!” Scott K.

About the instructor

BodhipaksaBodhipaksa has been practicing Buddhist meditation for over 30 years, and teaching for around 25 years. He formerly taught meditation in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Montana, and for several years ran a thriving retreat center in the Scottish Highlands. He is the author of more than a dozen books and audiobooks, and has been published in six languages. In 2001 he founded Wildmind, an online meditation center. He has been a member of the Triratna Buddhist order since 1993. He is originally from Scotland, but now lives in New Hampshire. He has two children.

How to register

Registration for Sit Breathe Love (Jul 1-28) is open!

Participation is by donation. There are three suggested donation levels, but you are free to give what you want.

  • High Income: $100 ($25 per week)
  • Medium Income: $40 ($10 per week)
  • Low Income: $20 ($5 per week)

First, determine your donation level and the amount of your donation, and then click the button below to donate.

Once your donation is received you will be sent an email link to the registration page.

Scholarships are available

A limited number of scholarships are available for those who are unable to make a donation. If you would like to take advantage of one of these scholarships, please write to us.

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