A video introduction to walking meditation

The following video, by Howcast, is a very straightforward and clear guide to walking meditation.

Some of the wording is very similar to the instructions on this site and we wondered if they might have used us as one of their sources in putting together the video. But the quality of the instruction suggests that the people who made this aren’t just copying and pasting instructions from other sources but have genuine experience of walking meditation practice.

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Cheryl McKeller
June 12, 2013 12:40 pm

Thank you for this video and the information provided. I am anxious to try this method of meditation. I will try it this evening before bedtime.


I find “sitting” difficult. I love to walk and walk every day. I hope to master walking meditation.


Thank you wild mind for my revisit to Mindfulness .I have practised for three years some form of walking mindfulness to help me begin my day without negative emotions and awareness of myself and my place in my environment .I needed to revisit ,and found your site.I have discussed your site in my reflexology blog Hope thats ok.

Gene McCreary
November 5, 2015 2:37 pm

I’ve been doing a simple walking meditation for a few years–counting my breaths in rhythm with my steps. Your account has added a lot to that. Today, for example, I realized the joy I have been feeling while walking, and even more, the connectedness to what I’m seeing and hearing. Wow.
I’ve also been for a few years meditating while on the elliptical machine, same type of counting as above, emptying the mind, attending to the breath, the motions, and then to various parts of the body. For me, it appears that the more “boring” and repetitive an activity is, the more it lends itself to meditation and mindfulness (though walking is far from boring.)
Did you happen to tune in to the mindfulness summit during October. What a boost. 250,000 people participated!


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