Events from Wildmind: online and offline

Our Year of Going Deeper

Join us for a series of online thirteen meditation events throughout 2015. We’re calling this our Year of Going Deeper. There is no fixed charge for these events. Participation is by donation.

Our Year of Going Deeper includes events for all levels of practice, whether you’re a beginner interested in learning basic techniques or a more experienced meditator interested in cultivating deep meditative states and insight. You’re free to pick and choose which events you participate in.

Letting Go Into Reality (Nov 9–Dec 20)

"Letting Go Into Reality" is a six-week online event exploring insight meditation. To free ourselves from suffering we have to radically change the way we see ourselves and our relation with the world. This change comes about by developing insight.

Join us, and learn to find deep stillness and peace in the midst of a turbulent and ever-changing world. The event runs from Nov 9 to Dec 20. Participation is by donation.

Sit Breathe Love (Dec 1–31)

Make calmness, control, and peace part of your daily life with the support of our popular online meditation course, "Sit : Breathe : Love."

"Sit : Breathe : Love" takes you step by step into the process of setting up a daily practice of mindfulness and lovingkindness. It runs from Dec 1–31, and participation is by donation. Register now!