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100 Days of LovingkindnessStarting April 12, 2013, Wildmind began a project called 100 Days of Lovingkindness. The intention was to focus our attention on the important set of teachings and practices known as the “immeasurables” or “divine abidings,” which include:

  1. Metta Bhavana (developing kindness)
  2. Karuna Bhavana (developing compassion)
  3. Mudita Bhavana (developing gladness)
  4. Upekkha Bhavana (developing even-mindedness)

There will be 25 days for each of these practices, although there may not be a post for every day of the 100 days.

Below is a list, in chronological order) of all the posts for 100 Days of Lovingkindness.

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  • Fantastic! This is a great resource and I hope one day, a book!

  • I second Srivandana’s comment – I would love to be able to buy this as a book and really linger over each day’s readings :-)

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  • hi, my name is Maitri which also translates to metta or loving kindness. Thanks for writing this, looking forward to read this :)

  • Is it possible to purchase the 100 days of loving kindness emails in PDF? I would like to repeat the 100 days as I have dipped in and out and now want to settle into it in a more committed manner

    • Hi Chris. I’ve been editing the posts into an ebook as I’ve been going along. It won’t be very polished as a piece of literature, but it’ll work on Kindles, iPads, etc. There will also be a PDF version. I’m not sure how we’re going to distribute it yet. There won’t be a charge but donations would be welcomed.

  • Thank you so much, I will definitely make an appropriate donation for the PDF – I am not on Kindle or I Pad – resisting changing technology until I have to :) but a PDF would work well for me. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and knowledge.

  • Hello,
    I’ve just started the 100 days of lovingkindness and a few days into it I was no longer able to access the list of blog posts. It seems the link to the list from this page has broken. Could you please tell me where to access the 100 posts?

    Thank you so much for your work with this,

    • Apologies! My mistake — I disabled a plugin that I thought wasn’t in use, but which in fact was generating the list on this page. It’s been restored and you should have no problem accessing the posts now.

  • Unfortunately I cannot access the full list, I managed to find some of the posts via google but got stuck on day 11. Can you please enable the list again? Thank you

    • Sorry about the list being disabled. I managed to restore it, so you can now visit those posts. I should say though that over the years since I did this event my understanding of the brahmaviharas has moved on considerably. Hopefully you’ll still find this useful though.


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