Bodhipaksa quotes


Here are a few quotes from Bodhipaksa’s teaching. Feel free to share these quotes.

“Take care of the present moment, and your future experience will take care of itself.”

“Let go of your judgments. Smile at your hindrances. See them as quirky old friends, rather than as mortal enemies.”

“Life is short. Be kind.”

“Mindfulness is when we observe our experience rather than merely participate in our experience.”

“To see things as they are is to see the potential of what they can become.”

“Mindfulness creates itself, and having done so it creates the opportunity for other skillful states to arise.”

“Life contains within it the end of life. When we see that, we realize how precious life is.”

“The term ‘self-sabotage’ is a barrier to self-compassion. When you find yourself faced with a ‘self-sabotaging’ impulse, you have an opportunity to inquire what benefit it’s trying to bring you. Once you’re clearer on that, you’ve removed a possible source of inner conflict, have opened the way for self-empathy to arise, and have already started to practice self-compassion.”

“I meditate every day; it’s just what I do; it’s part of who I am.”

“Happiness comes not from seeking pleasure and avoiding discomfort, but by meeting all of life’s circumstances with mindfulness, compassion, and wisdom.”

“We think too much, and much of the thinking that we do makes us unhappy.”

“Having a positive experience and not appreciating it is like receiving a gift and not unwrapping it.”

“When we turn around and face what we’re feeling, and just allow it to be there, everything changes.”

“Grief is an expression of love. Grief is how love feels when the object of our love has been taken away.”

“The enquiring mind is not afraid to face uncertainty.”

“You can’t heal the past. But you can heal pain from the past that arises in the present moment.”

“We condemn in ourselves things we consider easily forgivable in others.”

“Life is so much more difficult when we think it should be easy.”

“The mind will find its own way home.”

“I draw a distinction between anger and ill will. Anger is just passionate energy in pursuit of some end, while ill will is a desire to hurt someone.”

“Peace is always present. It’s up to us whether we move toward or away from it.”


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