Student comments

Here’s what some of Bodhipaksa’s students have said about his teaching.

“I can honestly say my study skills have improved from “half-hearted-do-only-the-necessary” to full-blown engrossed learning. Because of the skills I learned in meditation I’m doing better in school and enjoying what I’m learning.”
Lisa L.

“I feel that I have come away with a valuable tool that I’ll have with me for at least a lifetime!”
Tiara S.

“I am very thankful for the things I have learned in this course. The value of mindfulness, awareness, and compassion cannot be taught enough.”
Sarah C.

“I greatly appreciate your time and knowledge toward teaching students meditation. I think everyone should take this class. Even if a person isn’t planning on continuing meditating, the class introduces a person to a different perspective in dealing with thoughts and emotions.”
Jerry C.

“I have really enjoyed this class so much. I have learned so many valuable things. I really think that it has done a lot to help me in my day-to-day life. I will continue to use the things that I have learned in this class for many years to come. Thanks so much for making it such a good class to take.”
Matt M.

“Meditation is a very important part of my life now, and I’m sure I will be able to continue meditating after our class is over. Even though I don’t usually get too caught up or stressed out over finals, I seem to be particularly at ease this semester. My assignments are being done well and my test scores are higher than previous years. I attribute part of this academic success to meditation.”
Sean S.

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