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Wildmind would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the following people for having made generous donations, helping to make our French, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian translations possible. If you’d like to join our benefactors and make a donation to help our translation work please visit this page.

All happiness comes from the desire for others to be happy.
— Shantideva

Allison Davis
Amy Mandel
Amy McLoud
Andrew Taylor
Borgna Brunner
Brian Arel
Carol Piotrowski
Catherine Perz
Charles Ford
Chris McDonough
Christopher Baranski
Clinton Gerhardt
David Bohnenstiehl
Deirdre Coltrera
Deirdre McEachern
Denna Jones
Donna Wiedmann
Douglass Carter
Floro Crisostomo
Frederick Lesser
Gavan McDonell
George Atherton
Geri Joseph
Henneke van de Wateringen
J Mike Monson
James Becker
Jay Whitehair
Joe Benshemesh
Jolene Johnson
Jorg Keller
Jos Kingston
Kelly Dennis
kz ellis
Larry Anderson
Laura Mackie
Lawrence Braunstein
Margo Campbell
Mark Chitty
Mark Griffith
Matthew Lawless
Nathan Johnsen
Noriko Ito
Omprakash Bedekar
Richard Stables
Richard Stables
Rori Lockman
Samiris Sostre
Sandra Rodman
Sally King
Shelley Menning
Simon Bracco
Stuart Richardson
Sue Grabau
Susan Bolton
Teri Lewis
Tovah Bondy
Valerie Novey
Yeo Hock Kiang

We’d also like to thank those who have contributed to our Buddhism Behind Bars Project

Our Buddhism Behind Bars project involves publishing a book of writings by Buddhist inmates, in which they will show how the practice of meditation and Buddhism has helped them to turn their lives around. You can contribute to this project here.

Many thanks to:

Andrew Trotman
Deborah Moschkin
Jos Kingston
Michael Cohen
Pete Meiners
Sandra Rodman

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  • Metta

  • Hi I am from Bolivia South America and I would like to help to this commitment.

    I have proficiency in Spanish( which is my native language) and Italian.

    I know a lot of Buddhist meditation and I have translated for the Sai Baba community a Book ( called) purifying the heart).

    If it is necessary you can contact me by mail thanks.

  • Hi,

    Quick, pragmatic question: are dana donations tax-deductible?

    Thank you very much for the helpful, thoughtful, well-written, and provocative teachings in the 100 Days emails.

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying and (I hope) benefiting from the 100 Days emails.

      I’m afraid that donations not deductible.


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