Applied meditation

Meditation, and the principles of self-development, personal effectiveness, balance, awareness, and connectedness that it promotes, have found applications in many aspects of society, from sports psychology to pain management.

This section of our site outlines some of the more significant ways in which meditation is being used as a transformational tool.

Mindfulness in daily life

Learn new approaches to bringing greater awareness into your daily life, from how to set up mindfulness triggers for yourself to how driving can become less stressful and more meditative.

Meditation and stress

Stress is a major reason for people wanting to learn to meditate, and while it can often seem that stress comes from outside, a large part of the problem is the way we respond to events. Learn how meditation can help you have greater control over your mind

Meditation and depression

Depression can be caused by abnormalities in brain chemistry that may need to be treated medically, or may result from painful experiences. But depression is made worse by what's called "rumination." Learn how meditation can be used to help you prevent a slide into depression.

Meditation and yoga

Yoga and meditation have long been connected. Yoga can be a meditation practice in its own right, and can also bring greater flexibility and vitality by loosening up the body and making it easier to sit in meditation.

Meditation and pain management

Meditation and pain management. A form of therapy incorporating meditation -- Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction -- that first was used to treat people suffering from depression has been demonstrated to help chronic pain sufferers. Vidyamala, herself disabled and suffering long-term pain, explains how meditation can help alleviate pain.

Meditation and health

Meditation has been shown to have many health benefits. It both promotes physical and mental health, boosts immune functioning, and reduces the impact of chronic illness. Many studies have confirmed the health benefits of meditation.

Meditation in prisons

For many years Wildmind had an ongoing program of working with inmates, teaching them meditation practices that help them to develop impulse control and to learn to empathize with others. There are many successful prison meditation projects, and meditation retreats have even been run in some prisons.