Resources for inmates and volunteers

Here are some resources that we consider to be valuable.

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Do you still offer meditation in the NH State Prison? And how would a prisoner there access this service? This is very important to someone currently there.


I don’t personally, but there are still classes going on there. Your inmate contact should check to see the Chapel schedule. I believe it’s still Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings.


Thank you for these wonderful resources, I am starting my orientation tomorrow to teach meditation in penitentiaries in Canada. I am glad to have fallen on this page with all its great resources and information. Glad also that I found such a wonderful sangha that will help throughout my work with the inmates! May all beings be free from suffering!


This is my field of practice in the Florida prison system. My job was in re-entry as a Senior Substance Abuse Counselor, and my teaching and counseling method was entwined with the dharma, and I taught meditation classes, they loved. I witnessed so many miracles where many felt for the first time the seed of the bliss of their Buddha Nature! This is what made my job worthwhile, and I give all the merits I receive to those suffering in living Hell on Earth!

Lawrence Huff
October 15, 2015 9:37 am

It seems the above groups almost exclusively teach Buddhist meditation. We do meditation-based classes in South Florida correctional facilities and incorporate in a harmonious way a variety of modalities. This further allows the individual to gravitate to what syncs for them.


I’m interested in volunteering in South Florida prisons, I have plenty experience working in the prison system. With kindness, Ms. Scott


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