Practice suggestions

If you don’t have time to do all the postures, then you can practice the following:

  1. (optional) Diamond Pose/Child’s Pose
  2. Back stretch; one of the leg stretches (this or this)
  3. Standing poses: always do Trikonasana and Parshvakonasana, and select from the others
  4. Dog pose
  5. [Optional: Staff pose, Wide-angle pose, or twist]
  6. Parvatasana or Gomukhasana
  7. Half-plow pose or Shoulder Stand
  8. Corpse pose

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May have missed something but am interested in using mantra or some form of focus using sound keys as part of meditation practice but I don’t think Ive seen this mentioned here?
Many thanks


I’m afraid I don’t know what “sound keys” are, Suzan, so probably that’s not covered here!


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